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Balangiga Press Manila promotes texts that engage discussions on nationalism, ethnicity, resistance movements, Islamic studies, critical theories, postcolonial discourses, and other creative works on print and on other media.

This is a space where themes on resistance, counter-movements and narratives, culture and politics are explored and discussed in a public forum. The site also functions as a repository of texts relevant to our interests that were produced elsewhere as references for students, researchers, and readers. and Balangiga Press Manila

This site was merged with , platform for a critical discussions on Bangsamoro nationalism, critical studies, nationalism, Islamic studies, theories, and resistance movements in Southeast Asia. Essays and articles of are retained in the page for references.

Balangiga Press

Balangiga Press was established in 2015 in Manila as independent and press with the publication of Rogelio Braga’s novel Colon. Since then the press has published several titles from different authors and active in promoting various independent publications and independent bookshops in the country.

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