Submission Guidelines

img_0322Balangiga Press is an independent small press. We solicit unpublished manuscripts of plays, novels, collection of stories, essays and poems. Our distribution is limited but we work to make our books available in independent bookstores and libraries.

Balangiga Press Manila 04

Balangiga Press Manila is a quarterly folio of Balangiga Press. It is available online and in downloadable public format (pdf) for public consumption.

Balangiga Press Manila calls for a thematic submission every quarter. We pay a meager amount as token to those who submit their work; we don’t sell the folio unless on a print-on-demand request from our reader. The folio envisions a community of public intellectuals and readers engaging in free space of intellectual production.

We will publish accepted articles online on the second month and will let the public to respond to the article in an essay format for 30 days after publication. The final copy of the magazine (the original essay and the reader’s response) will be released on the first month of the proceeding quarter.

Editors of the folio will evaluate the both the original work and the reader’s response to the original work.

Balangiga Press Manila publishes the following:

Academic essay relevant to the theme. Maximum of 3,500 words, uses APA style format for citation, original and unpublished. Same rules apply to reader’s response to an essay.

Stories and essays relevant to the theme. Maximum of 3,500 words original and unpublished.

Poems. A suit of 3-5 poems under a collective title, original and unpublished.

Short articles relevant to the theme. Between 700 – 1000 words, original and unpublished.

Feature articles, interviews. Maximum of 3,500 words.

*Submitted articles should be in English. However, writers from Southeast Asian countries writing in their original language should get in touch with us first before submission as we look  into the possibility of publishing in a Southeast Asian language.

All manuscripts should be submitted to with a letter address to the Balangiga Press Manila.

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