We Are Open for Submissions (Fiction)

Do you want to become a Balangiga Press author?

Balangiga Press is looking for ten fiction manuscripts for 2022.

We are looking for unpublished novella and novels from writers with works that fall within one the following qualifications:

a. From women writers and from the members of LGBTQ+ community.

b. From writers with disability.

c. Works written in Waray, Cebuano, Filipino, and from languages of the Bangsamoro communities.

Your manuscript should have a minimum of 70,000 words for novels and 30,000 to 60,000 words for novella. Send the first three chapters of your manuscripts and a page synopsis to submissions@balangigapress.com with your name and contact details. We don’t have a deadline but as soon we completed the ten manuscripts, we will close the submission window.

We’ll reach out to you within four weeks upon submission of your manuscript.

Your manuscript should be unpublished and never won an award in a literary competition in the Philippines. Balangiga Press prefers writers with previous works published by independent publishing houses.

For futher questions and support for your manuscript-in-progess send us an email at info@balangigapress.com. We love to hear how we can help you.

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